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Reigate's Flash Dancers

You're enjoying tea and cake with your granny on a quiet midweek morning in the shopping centre, when suddenly loud music is played and H. Samuel's entire staff (presumably), start dancing in a well choreographed dance routine. Suddenly granny joins in, and everyone get into the spirit of the moment.

Flash Mobs were first created by Bill Wasik in 2003 in New York, who believed in getting large groups of people assembling in a public place, and start dancing randomly to music. This then evolved to have especially choreographed trained dancers from colleges performing in large public areas, while everyone else stops from their daily routines for a moment to watch.

Here is one such event in Miss Evans' home town of Liverpool:

Reigate School of Ballet flashback.....

Some of Reigate School of Ballet and RSB Dance's senior ballet and contemporary dancers took part in a flash mob at night in Salisbury town centre in an attempt to raise money for Children in Need. The girls enjoyed dressing up as zombies and learning a routine with other dancers in Salisbury for a short period of time prior to their evening performance in the street.

Great make up girls!!

Some of the Contemporary group went down to Salisbury with Miss Benjamin to perform as part of Thrill the World, an annual global record attempt at having the most zombies dancing "Thriller" at the same time. It was in aid of this year's BBC Children in Need appeal and our little group raised £218!! in 10 minutes. Thank you to Lucy Pullinger, Anna Pullinger, Phoebe Hyder, Lucy Gregory, Izzii Crocker, Izzy Harper, Evie Scott and Meagan Kent.

The video can be seen on our RSB Dance news site - click here

These flash mobs proved popular as it created spontaneity within a very organised society. Elements of modern dance, contemporary dance and street dance are combined in these fun events, and many of the girls above studied at least 2 dance styles at the Reigate School of Ballet, including a core grounding in ballet.

So, Happy New Year to all at Reigate School of Ballet, RSB Dance, ABC Dance Classes Reigate, and Dorking School of Dance, and let us all have a new year's resolution - Be Spontaneous and HAVE A GO.

Here is an organised group of trained college dancers bringing a whole shoping centre to a standstill.

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