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MODERN DANCE classes Reigate

Modern Dance highlights the styles used in Musical Theatre, and together with Ballet, Tap and Musical Theatre, RSB give a very rounded training in this field. The Reigate School of ballet and Commercial Dance have taught Modern Theatre Dance for a number of years and follow the I.S.T.D. Modern Theatre grades. This style is complimentary to ballet by developing further rhythms and theatrical qualities. This dance style is popular in the West End and the musical theatre genre. Modern Dance is a good alternative to ballet if you want to continue improving your technique. 

This is a highly energetic dance style incorporating high kicks, leaps, turns and travelling steps. The style also develops strength and flexibility.
Many of our pupils take this style alongside our musical theatre classes in Reigate and Redhill.
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Modern dance classes Reigate

As with all our classes, pupils can demonstrate their progression when we invite parents during our watching weeks. This is a great way to see your child’s development and chat to the teachers.


Strengthening and loosening classes


The body conditioning and limbering class is an invaluable session to develop core strength, flexibility, muscle-tone, and an overall cardiovascular work-out. It is physically challenging but great fun, whether to enhance the technique, or for an excellent fitness work-out. As we train pupils to vocational level and full-time dance collages, these classes are extremely beneficial for the physical performance. 

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