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What is Acro Dance?

Acro Dance is a beautiful fusion of the athleticism of gymnastics with the artistic qualities of dance. We are the first dance school in Reigate to officially teach AcroDance to pupils. Learning Acro Dance increases flexibility and strength in all pupils and the course seamlessly combines the two disciplines, whether it is a fast street and commercial dance routine or a slow lyrical piece.

What is the difference between Gymnastics and AcroDance?

There is a real need to teach acro within the context of a dance perspective. Gymnasts use some dance movements to show their acrobatic movements, but the dance element is secondary. In AcroDance, the acro is taught with the flair of dance training incorporated, and the "acro" section of a dance routine flows seamlessly into the dance (not as a trick move with no bearing on the choreography). Acro Dancers perform on a hard floor with no mats (although all our classes are taught on safety mats), while gymnastics perform on soft mats or a sprung floor to help elevate the body.

At what age can pupils start?

Pupils can start from as early as age 4. Our age ranges for acro are:

ages 4 - 6 and ages 8 - 10

We also have a new "experienced" acro dance troupe for children who have previously done gymnastics already, and want to use their acro skills within specifically choreographed dance routines. This class starts on 20th February 2018.

Are there examinations in AcroDance?

Optional exams can be taken if pupils wish to take them.

Do I need any previous gymnastics experience?                                                                            

We teach acro from the very beginning, so no previous acrobatics or gymnastics experience is needed.

For all children who have previous gymnastics experience who want to combine their existing skills with dance we recommend the Acro Troupes, but preferably with another mainstream dance class. Admission to the troupe classes are at the discretion of the teacher, subject to their previous skills in gymnastics.

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