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reigate & redhill dance classes

The number of dance classes we offer can be bewildering for a first time parent. The style of classes can be seen below in age groups. These will link to a page with a short video on that style, to give you an idea. Classes can be taken in any genre. However if your child wishes to develop their skill as a dancer in the future, ballet is highly recommended for technical development, and many of our older children/teenagers (who take many styles of dance classes - street, musical theatre, modern), now see the wider benefits of early ballet training. 


For 1:1 advice, we always recommend you contact us directly so that we can give you the best advice and the available classes for you and your child.

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dance classes

Our toddler dance classes consist of Ballet and Musical Theatre. Ballet is the best way to learn co-ordination and movement at an early age, while Musical Theatre  combines elements of dance and singing. Both styles offer a degree of drama and imaginative mime.  

mini class
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dance classes

As co-ordination improves, our MINI dance classes (school reception age 4 - 7), offer more styles:

jnr class

ages 4 - 7 (Mini)

junior dance classes reigate
junior dance classes reigate
dance classes

At Junior age (ages 8 - 10), contemporary and modern jazz are added as well as tap being a separate class:

Snr class
teenage dance classes reigate

senior & student
dance classes

Our senior (ages 11 - 14) and student (ages 15 - 18) classes offer a high level of  dance and fitness training for secondary school children. Children are taught at a higher level to achieve technical knowledge, artistry and skill. 

Student class
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