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Our Premium programmes allow pupils to further enhance their training and artistry in all styles of dance. Children who show exceptional talent and/or dedicated and committed individuals who take more than two ballet classes and other mutliple dance disciplines per week. These programmes further develop the skills we offer, often with guest teachers.

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rsb associates

RSB Associates is a ballet programme led by former Royal Ballet soloist Laura McCulloch. to further enhance children's technique, performance and flexibility. Our students are extremely privileged to gain invaluable tuition from Miss Laura, and her insight and professional experience gives our pupils a great opportunity to learn from one of the world's solo ballerinas.


These classes take place on Sundays once a month in one of our mirrored dance studios for the following age groups:

ages 8 - 10

ages 11 - 14

ages 15 - 18

The programme aims to improve technique, audition and performance techniques, strengthening and Limbering while learning Royal Ballet repertoire. 


As well as our regular Acrobatic Arts dance classes, we have one class dedicated to pupils who have extensive experience and skill in gymnastics. 

This unique Advanced Acro Dance Troupe brings together unique choreography which seamlessly combines dance and acrobatics at a high level. We choreograph each dance to suit the individuals own skill and age, and is has proved extremely popular. 

The class is taken by Miss Rosie and runs once a week, who carefully brings out the artistry in each child's performance while ensuring the "acro" sections fit in without being an additional extra within the routines. 


rsb agency

RSB have teamed up with a London Talent Agency where directors come and visit the school to search for clients for shows both on television and stage. 

Many of our Starlight Performing Arts (RSB's Musical Theatre courses on Saturday mornings) are on the Agency's books, although some of our dance only children are also represented. 


This is a new venture for us, and we look forward to working with the agency for many years.  

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