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mission statement

Our school aims to provide quality dance training to both children and adults in a fun and caring environment, where pupils can develop their love of dance through teacher inspiration, whether they dance once a week as a hobby or want to further their dance training.


We provide a structured training programme where pupils of all abilities can feel a sense of achievement, while gaining self-confidence, develop their musicality and expression through movement. We strive to ensure the best possible teaching practice.


Our school strives to achieve the very best from each individual regardless of their ability, and provide a strong platform for pupils to continue dancing as possible careers. We strongly believe dance is for everyone.


We ensure that each child is inspired to be the best possible dancer they can be, but also embrace the values that dance offers - the discipline and commitment necessary to better yourself together with work hard. These values prove to be beneficial in all walks of life when children grow older, and our teaching instills this into all children while they enjoy the discipline. Children work hard in a fun environment.

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