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CONTEMPORARY Dance Classes Reigate

Our contemporary dance classes in Reigate are open to ages 8 - 18 in age specific classes. Contemporary dance enables children to express themselves more freely, bringing together many styles of dance such as ballet, lyrical, modern and jazz, but also improvised movements that defy other structured styles. It encourages natural, spontaneous movement, and personal interpretation which children enjoy, and acts as a great addition to ballet or for those starting dance at a later stage, such as in G.C.S.E. Dance.


Developed by the American dance choreographer Merce Cunningham, the fusion and freedom of expression is popular amongst teenage children as it can danced to almost any musical style, creating endless creative opportunities, using awareness of space and body movement, the use of body weight, balance, fall and recovery, and much improvisation. 


Contemporary is also great to develop children's choreographic skills, using body mapping, levels shapes and dynamics, and can open the door for older pupils who have never danced before, to be inventive, without previous dance experience. 

Contemporary & Lyrical classes Reigate

contemporary classes reigate
lyrical dance classes reigate

A brief glimpse of our contemporary and lyrical dance classes in Reigate, with footage from our Junior contemporary workshops.

Our body conditioning class helps build body strength and flexibility.

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