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We love to teach and really enjoy the interaction with children. In return, happy children perform much better in class and on stage. We strive to ensure values such as supporting each other, friendship, instilling a hard work ethic, and respecting each other is paramount. We truly believe children develop on so many levels through dance and performing.

Positive feedback and lots of encouragement brings an ethos of hard working pupils, providing the tools for life. 

We pride ourselves on the family feel at the school. Despite being a large school, many of our parents help in fundraising events and productions (as chaperones/matrons). Many parents have become good friends with other mothers through their association at RSB, and become a part of the family culture. 


We maintain a great level of communication with all our parents and provide everyone with a colourful termly newsletter which both parents and children enjoy reading. 


And as the school has been established for so long, many former pupils have now become parents themselves, and bring their own children to RSB to learn dancing - full circle.

Many of our older students voluntarily help out our teachers in our younger classes, not because they are asked to, but because they want to.

The young children see the older pupils as great role models, and make them realise that our dance ethos of helping out others persists throughout the school.

We also have some of our former pupils who now dance professionally, return to RSB to take masterclasses and help out. It's really wonderful to see them again and they are great role models for the Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance.


With role models and instilling into children that hard work pays off, children learn life skills through dance, and become mature and confident individuals.

I studied at Reigate School of Ballet for well over 10 years. I learnt so much and now working as a full time dancer onboard MSC cruises - I love my job! Reigate School of Ballet gave me the opportunity to study all types of dance and got me where I am today. I highly recommended the school for all ages.

Zoe Case Green - Professional Dancer MSC Cruises


We realise that parents as well as children can be a little nervous starting something new. That's why we prefer to talk over the phone about any concerns you may have. As most of our teachers are current or ex-performers and many highly trained with the IS.T.D., we can give sound advice on what is best for your child, by getting to know them through you  - the parent.


We offer a standard 3 free trials for all new and existing pupils, and don't insist on uniform at the beginning, so the children can start dancing with us without the financial burden to begin with. Only when both parents and teachers are convinced that the child has settled, do we give out any bills, and often we have a stock of second-hand uniform to offer if needed. 


We continuously provide rigorous warm-ups in class and emphasis the importance of such practices. We have Body Conditioning classes to further enhance pupils' fitness, developing their strength, core, and stamina. With this we encourage a well balanced diet and lifestyle. 

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