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Performing - Reigate / Redhill / London

Performing is a huge part of the Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance, and we nurture children from an early age so that they grow into mature individuals and performers. An abundance of performing opportunities means that all our hard work in class is reinforced - performing develops a child and fulfill's our ethos that everyone can grow and develop through dance.

We have numerous performing opportunities at our school, and each one is just as important as the other - from performing in dance classes during parents watching week, to performing in the Royal Albert Hall, London. 

3 Levels of Performance Opportunities:

Build Confidence

We start getting children performing in watching weeks, schools, and small local events such as Reigate Lights and Priory Park events. 

Build Maturity

Children perform in our annual and bi-annual shows, plus additional theatre performances such as the Class Act shows & the Belfry Redhill. 

Build Performance

For children who take many classes with us, our advanced pupils have lifetime opportunities in highbrow events such as the Royal Albert Hall, dancing with professional stars (Pasha), and full-scale Musical Productions. 

DANCE SHOWS to die for

Our dance shows are the biggest dance event in the whole of Reigate & Redhill. We have our bi-annual "MAIN" show which runs 6 performances for everyone in the school. During out ballet & tap exam periods (optional), we also have our "MINI" show every other year for all our non-syllabus classes - street dance, contemporary, musical theatre, some modern jazz and acrobatics. 

"The bi-annual shows at this dance school are an absolute highlight for all our family. Not to be missed!"



Every 2 years, we take a crew of 50 - 75 children to perform in the Royal Albert Hall. This is a HUGE gig, and provide our pupils with the rare opportunity to perform in the round.


Memories of a lifetime!

"...the energy and talent shone through, it was brilliant.           Thank you and congratulations!"



We didn't expect it, but we have been continuously asked back to perform with Strictly Come Dancing star Pasha Kovalev, year after year. Pasha starts his UK tour in Redhill every year, and we see this as one of our highbrow events in the year. 



A show that works on so many levels!

1) it provides children from local schools the chance to perform on a professional stage

2) it raises money for those schools so that funds can be available for future artistic projects

3) it provides our children a further avenue to perform, especially small groups, solos etc. 

"We had such a great time at this show, it was so well organised and everyone was so helpful and friendly and it was great to see such a variety in the performances! Thankyou again!"



RSB are being asked again and again by the Belfry Shopping Centre to participate in local events. Over the past 2 years, we have performed at:





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