Reigate Dance School; A Year to Remember!

We have had a tremendous year to remember at Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance, with a packed series of events for our children to enjoy and experience. The opportunities given to our pupils has been so diverse and we are so happy to be able to offer these on-going events at our school.

They range from ballet and tap exams, to professional gigs alongside Pasha Kovalev (for the THIRD YEAR RUNNING), Royal Albert Hall, Class Act, our MINI shows, Move Revolution Summer Dance Extravaganza, 6 days of Summer Schools, School Fairs, Classes opening in Merstham, Christmas performances (2 at the Belfry) and our regular Reigate Christmas Lights and workshops! In terms of theatre time, some pupils who take several classes per week have been at the Harlequin Theatre performing 7 times this year (and this is not our MAIN SHOW year!) - I can forgive some parents for thinking they need a season ticket at this venue :)


Our 3rd performance with Pasha to date, and this crowd really 'performed' this year. They performed in numerous locations also, which made the experience even more worthwhile.


Our busy 2-day Easter performing school had over 80 children attending. Here are some of our lovely kids in action.


We are proud of our dance examination successes at Reigate, with over 200 children taking ballet, tap and modern ISTD examinations this year over 6 days. All our classes and children cover the levels and grades at I.S.T.D. level, under the careful eye of Miss Evans and her team.


What an experience - a real professional experience on a world renowned stage. They did the school extremely proud. What more is there to say!

RSB Dance at the Royal Albert Hall

5. CLASS ACT - Promoting the Arts in local Schools

Class Act this year was a bumper year for donations to our local primary schools, with a record amount being donated to all participants from the proceeds of the shows. As well as bringing local schools in, Class Act gives many of our soloists (dancers, singers and actors) the chance to perform in a professional theatre.