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Dance Motivation at Home

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

It's fundamental that we keep our children dancing and motivated during this difficult time. We do know that younger children find it hard to concentrate and focus on a screen without the class environment. Having a parent accompany the small children and getting involved also helps. At RSB, we provide free live online classes that can be watched live or at a convenient time to you, and as they are free, even 10 mins keeps them actively engaged - little but often is far better for them.

Juniors, Seniors & Students have a greater level of concentration, and we find our Zoom classes to be most beneficial. But even at home, motivation can still be challenging unless you plan.



It's difficult to get motivated when you have the dog or cat jumping around your legs or if you don't have the space - we know most of our cats and dogs like to be involved!

It's good karma to try and have a cleared space so that you have some room - it's also safer, and you will feel better with a cleared and tidy workspace, even if it's small. With the weather we've been having, outdoors is also an option for warm-ups or dance routines.


Dancing is a social art form, and one of the biggest drawbacks is not being able to dance with your friends. Dancing with friends is a far more engaging way to spend time dancing than on your own. As Zoom is now so popular, this platform allows up to 30 minutes at a time of free video sharing. We offer small classes of up to 4 or 5 (most are with friends), or we've been able to pair up children of similar ages and abilities. Technique classes should only have a small number of children for the teacher on this platform, to be able to see, interact and engage. With large Zooms, this is just not possible, which is why we offer the free facebook live classes in conjunction.


Keep dancing! We recommend you try to have a routine (like a school timetable), where you dance at a certain time and day where you know you will have some space and time with no distractions. Our free classes maintain your knowledge and technique, and for those wanting feedback and correction, our small Zoom classes offer exactly that.


RSB has provided many online warm-ups for all ages, ranging from 5 min "shorties" to full 25 minute workouts. Depending on your time and motivation, there is something for everyone, and staying fit and stretched will benefit your mind and body.


Those who really love their dancing, you get inspiration from watching the pros, and there are plenty of free online concerts / shows etc to see, from full ballet productions to West End musicals and contemporary / commercial works. It's all out there - just plan and add it to your "virtual dance timetable".

We find that children who observe professional content learn far more about what their dance training end goals are.

English National Ballet (ENB) and WhatsonStage are one of the many locations to find free content. Check them out.


Try choreographing your own dances to music that you enjoy listening to, and try to vary the musical styles - from classical to current artists - whatever makes you feel good. Ensure you have you own space and go for it. Dance is very much about feeling as well as technique, and personal interpretation goes a long way in making you unique.

Finally, acknowledge that you cannot dance in the way you're used to, but the above points can go a long way to shape your "alternative" methods and ensure you keep your knowledge, your technique, your motivation and your creative flair throughout these times. Each negative situation brings something positive to the table.

For now, take each day as it comes, and know that when we get back, the stage will be lit again"



Best Wishes


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