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Dance Classes in Reigate for toddlers

Toddler dance classes are an important development for youngsters to gain invaluable coordination and social skills early on. Our award winning programme caters for girls and boys and brings together dance, mime, co-ordination and creative movement, and taps into their imaginations.

We want toddlers to feel confident with dance, while enjoying the experience of telling a story through movement.


Dance Babes (ages 18 months - 3 yrs)

Dance Babes gives enables children to 'find' music and express themselves freely along with their parent or guardian. These classes develop with games, props and a variety of different musical styles and actions, carefully chosen to increase their confidence and imaginations. These building blocks help their natural development early on, especially in their abilities to react to musical elements. Dance Babes offers 3 (successive) free trials.

babyballet® TINIES (ages 18 months to 3yrs)

There are many dance schools calling their early years ballet classes for toddlers by this name, but RSB are the only official dance school in Reigate, Redhill and the surrounding areas to officially teach the award winning babyballet ® program. 3 trials are available for £15.

Starlight Tots (ages 2.5 - 4yrs)

Starlight Tots is the early years mini version of our hugely popular Starlight Performing Arts course on Saturday mornings, which brings together singing, dancing and drama together in a musical theatre mix of activities.

These classes again use some props, mime to develop imagination using a variety of music - children react to changes of pitch, rhythm and tempo in the music which increases awareness through body movement.

Sparkle Ballet (ages 2.5 - 4yrs)

Sparkle Ballet is RSB's own award winning programme for early ballet training for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Unlike Dance Babes, there are no props used in this class, and children are taught without a parent or guardian. Sparkle has several classes per week and is a hugely popular class that develops key basic ballet skills in a fun and supportive environment. 3 successive free trials are available for these classes.

babyballet® MOVERS (ages 3 - 4 yrs)

For parents wishing to continue with the babyballet® program, the 'movers' classes are a natural progression with increased balletic skills being taught in an imaginative way.

Again there are many movers classes per week with a £15 offer for 3 classes.

If you are unsure which class to go with, please give us a ring on 01737 247795 or email us on

Dance classes are a great way to explore music and movement, and plays a vital role in child development. Our classes offer the best introduction to dance for pre-school children and toddlers in Reigate, Redhill and Merstham. Call us now to discuss the best options for you.

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