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Dance Troupe starting at Reigate Dance Centre

With the popularity of Acro Dance classes for beginners, Reigate Dance Centre / RSB are now starting dance classes to accommodate children with previous gymnastics experience and form an Acro Dance Troupe.

Reigate Dance Troupe Class

This class (or classes if there are large age groups/abilities within), will have their own unique choreography based around the specific skill set of the group (s), where their established acro/gymnastic skills will be fused within the dance to show them off.

Today we dance, tomorrow we perform....

Furthermore, we have already planned a performance opportunity for these new classes in June in our exciting Class Act shows, which is so exciting for our dance school.

We hope to start the classes on Tuesday 20th February (after half term), where all children with gymnastics experience will be seen and asked to show what they can do. The teachers will then assess the ages, the number of children in the class, and (if necessary) split them accordingly.

We are very aware of the number of children already taking gymnastics in Reigate and Redhill, and it was the next natural step forward to combine the two disciplines. Both dance and gymnastics combine athleticism, artistry and flair, and our teachers are really looking forward to formulating dance routines with much acrobatics interwoven with the music.

If you have acrobatic experience and would like to combine your skills with dance, come and try our class.

FROM SUMMER TERM 2018, the Acro Dance Troupe class details / days are:

AGES - open to all ages with previous acrobatic ability

PRICE - £56.50 per term

VENUE - Colman Redland Centre, Croydon Rd Reigate

DAY - Mondays at 6.00 - 6.40pm

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