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Reigate dance kids go to the movies

In half term, the Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance and RSB Dance opened their doors to all pupils wishing to see the film 'Enchanted' on the big screen.

At the end of half term, on a miserable and rainy day, over 140 pupils from both our dance schools came to watch a public screening of the wonderful Disney film, 'Enchanted'. The hall was packed with staff and pupils at our main hall in St Marks Church in Alma Road, Reigate. On admission, all the pupils flooded the hall with their multi coloured onesies, and within minutes the hall was awash with colour. Many brought their own beanbags, pillows and even a 2-seater mini couch - Mr Jones, our projectionist thought it was missing a coffee table!!

And it wasn't just the young ones either! Many of the older children from Starlight Performing Arts and our senior girls (some of whom kindly helped with the snacks), also watched the film.

The story of Enchanted is about a fairytale princess who enters the harsh real world of New York city by the evil queen. Soon, the princess (...princess Giselle), finds true love in the form of a handsome lawyer, but can she find true love in the real world? (Mr Jones was sceptical!).

The children all enjoyed the performance, and in true cinematic style, free popcorn and a drink was offered to all pupils at the beginning of the film. Here are some of the lovely comments we received on the day and on social media....

Thank you for organising this, the girls had a fab time xx

Thank u too Amelia and Lucy loved it xxx

Scarlett loved it. Thank you xx

Both RSB Dance and the Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance continue to offer many events for our pupils, and the reason we do it is because we enjoy seeing our pupils having a good time.

We hope everyone can make it back next year - who knows what film we will screen, but in the meantime, many thanks for all your continued support throughout the year.

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Annie L
Annie L
30 de mai. de 2022

Great reading yourr post

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