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summer school Reigate - enjoyed by all


We had an overwhelming response to our summer school this year, with over 125 children attending from the ages of 3 upwards. The summer school consisted of three days of varied disciplines of dance styles including ballet, bunny-hop, fitness workout and limbering, musical theatre, singing, jazz dance, street dance and drama. The less physical activities was a craft session where the most original pieces of craft / art were created. This is a very popular activity within the summer school.

Miss Evans, Miss Benjamin, Miss Rachael and Miss Owen conducted some of the classes alngside the other visiting professionals in theri field. They commented on the children's conduct, not only with their ability in the performing arts, but also on their attentivness, focus and excellent behaviour throughout. We were extremely proud of the children.

At the end of the three days, we had a fantastic audience to watch a performance to showcase their work. Children, parents, family and friends really enjoyed the performance, and we had lots of positive feedback from parents. Our summers schools have always been flexible and cost-effective. Pre-school children attend the mini summer school, and junior and seniors attaned the main summer school. We offer 3 days to all pupils for a variety of group specific age groups, however there is flexibility with days if you cannot attend all three. We have provided some images of the pupils involved, and many more are available on our social media sites. We welcomed Miss Kelly Smith (not our Miss Kelly who currently performs in the West End production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) taught the singing over the 3 days and she will be joining our hugely successful Starlight Musical Theatre course on Saturday morning from September. Miss Kelly will be joining our own Mr Jones to teach the singing and she is very excited to join the team. See you all in the new term!

Joanne Evans

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