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Starlight Performing Arts New Show - 2020

H Club 6 is a brand new production presented by the children from Reigate's Starlight Performing Arts musical theatre group. A combination of historical facts alongside current music, H Club 6 brings together all 6 groups, with a variety of different dance and singing styles for all ages. The show culminates in a performance at the Harlequin Theatre, and we are so excited!

Without giving too much away before the big day, our show is a remix of popular songs and historical facts, offering a cross curricular learning platform for children to experience a part of history through a modern viewpoint of dance, song and drama.


Perform, Perform Perform - this is what it's all about! We are a dedicated team of West End professionals that bring out the best in our pupils. Learning technique is so important to stand out from the crowd, but this needs to be embodied with numerous performing opportunities to put their craft into action.

This is the first time Starlight has produced it's own stand alone show, but they will continue to do montages within our larger MINI and MAIN Dance shows as well, giving the children so many opportunities to perform, and thus gaining so much confidence within their groups and themselves.

SOUND - Ollie, who was the sound engineer for our Thoroughly Modern Millie full production, will be in charge of all microphones and sound reinforcement, while our lighting designer Will, is busy plotting the pop concert-styled show lights.

We very much look forward to finalising the details, and will give our parents a real glimpse of the work we do within Starlight Performing Arts.

For more information on our full time course, please visit our musical theatre page.

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