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Reigate Dance at Her Majesty's Theatre

Teenagers from the Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance had the opportunity to perform at His Majesty's Theatre, in the Haymarket in London's West End.

We thought this would offer a change to the much larger Royal Albert Hall and 02 venues of the past, and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Reigate Dance at Her Majesty's Theatre London

Miss Evans the Principal, was instrumental in ensuring the children not only had a fresh experience performing in a brand new venue, but also the style of contemporary used in the routines, which was very different to them. It's important for them to have a wider and richer experience in everything, as it matures them into more rounded individuals.

Their performances on the night were outstanding and we were all very proud!

The style of dance was essentially contemporary, with some commercial elements. All the seniors pictured receive ballet, pointe and contemporary classes at RSB, and they all know the importance that the core ballet provides to enhance the movements, executing them with more finesse. Most started around the ages for 4 - 6 and have continued their core training in ballet since then, adding contemporary and commercial styles later.

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