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Matilda Singing, Dancing, Acting Auditions

Matilda singing dancing acting auditions

The RSC will be holding auditions for the hit musical Matilda in September and October this year, for the the main Matilda part and all the classmates.


Matilda - this role is open to girls ages 8 - 12 and under 4 ft 3".

Classmates - these roles are open to boys and girls aged between 8 - 13 and under 4 ft 10"

All parts require good dancing and singing skills, and boys voices must be unbroken.


Bring a poem or monologue, followed by a song to perform to them. If you need any help please ask us at RSB. Children will then be taught a dance from the show.


Families must be within an hour of the theatre - we have been told Reigate is an acceptable distance for the classmates, and the Matilda role can be from further afield as alternative arrangements can be made. All children must be available for the entire rehearsal and performance period from January to September 2019 - no holidays can be taken. Parents must be free to take their child to and from the theatre during rehearsals and performances.


Please email Jessica at

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