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DANCE DANCE DANCE! - Reigate Goes Dance Crazy!

Exciting Times! A festival of Dance & Performing Arts from Reigate's dancing children takes place in June with Street Dance, Contemporary Dance, Modern Jazz, Acro Dance, Musical Theatre production numbers and Pasha / Royal Albert Hall dances will be performed.

The Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance will be staging five shows at the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill, bringing together all their non-syllabus classes in a non-costumed show.

It was decided that these "mini" shows contained all commercial and theatre dances alone, as our Ballet and Tap classes have been busy working on their technique and exam preparation during this time. The next MAIN Bi-annual show is in May 2019, which involves 6-performances, all costumed, and includes EVERYONE!

For these up and coming shows, we have kept the cost down by not having bought costumes for the children to wear - their class uniform will be their only costume. The performances have been allocated 2 shows on the Sunday (matinee & evening performances), while other smaller groups, duets and 1 or 2 big numbers have been allocated to other shows in the week. Here is the show week breakdown:

June 13th & 14th - CLASS A

2 shows that bring together performances from local primary schools and the ticket sale profits are donated back to the participating schools. Why? We are more than aware that the arts in schools are not adequately financed, and depending on the school, children's awareness of the arts can vary dramatically. This annual show highlights the need and the importance for the arts in schools by celebrating and raising money for schools to spend on future artistic projects. Class Act does exactly this. Schools can dance, sing or perform any performing arts piece, and we thoroughly enjoy these concerts.

June 15h - RSB & RSM Combined Dance Show

Schools dance show

For the first time, RSB & Reigate St Mary's School will be collaborating together to form a dance show at the Harlequin. This is an exciting time for all, and this opportunity gives many of our other dance crews a chance to perform in front of a local crowd, while allowing other small acts an opportunity to perform to a wider audience.

June 17th - RSB "mini" SHOW

Reigate Dance - MINI SHOW

The Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance's official "mini" show, will incorporate all its non-syllabus classes over 2 performances. With street, contemporary dance, modern jazz, aco and musical theatre, the show will be varied and show off some of the work they have done in class. We are looking forward to seeing their pieces and introduces many of our new pupils to performing before the BIG show next May 2019.

So although this year is a "non-show" year, we have so much going on. These performances are in addition to the Pasha shows earlier in the year and the Royal Albert Hall performances. And if that wasn't enough, auditions for our full-scale musical production take place the following week.

All shows will be filmed, and tickets are available from the Harlequin Box office.

Performing helps bring confidence in children -

Exciting times ahead!

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