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Kids Dance at the Belfry Redhill

Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance pupils danced a fabulous medley of songs and party dance routines at the Belfry in Redhill on Saturday, to celebrate the shopping centre's 25th Anniversary.

Our dance school was asked by the Belfry management to provide entertainment for 40 minutes (2 x 20 slots) in the heart of the shopping mall, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience! As this public performance was near the beginning of term, we had to use material from previous shows due to time constraints. Our dance studios across Reigate and Redhill were busy adapting the material, not only to fit the time frame, but also to fit the much smaller stage allowed by the Belfry. Miss Evans explained that performing on a multitude of stage sizes is a large part of performing, from shopping and town centres to the Royal Albert Hall.

The medley started with pieces from the musical 'Return to the Forbidden Planet', which our seniors relished performing - the music was infectious and very appropriate for the occasion at Redhill.

The second piece was again an appropriate dance for the party occasion, and a group of children performed a line-dancing routine. Many of the pupils take ballet and other dance classes throughout Reigate, but the all enjoy alternative dance forms as well, and this easy routine was no exception.

As a contrasting piece, the next performance was a solo, danced beautifully by Evie McCormack, still only 9 years of age. She danced to the song WINGS by the artist 'Birdy', and captivated the audience with her true feeling for the music.

Finally, our Starlight Performing Arts crew ended with a shortened version of our CATS medley by Andrew Lloyd Webber. These pupils regularly attend our musical theatre courses and many do additional dance classes also. Their level of performance and energy filled the shopping mall and all pupils were congratulated for their strong performances. WELL DONE ALL OF YOU!

Many of our pupils now perform in a variety of locations, and adapt well to their surroundings. Technique and rehearsals are extremely important, but real performing experience really puts the icing on the cake. We ensure all pupils believe in giving their best, whether they dance in front of thousands of people on a London stage (and many have done so on 2 occasions), the Harlequin Theatre (9 shows alone this year for RSB pupils) or Reigate Town Centre, Priory Park, and now the Belfry.

A great experience for all and many thanks to all parents for their support as usual. Also, many thanks to Mrs Munro for her additional photos and videos.

Information on our classes:

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