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Reigate's DANCE-EX dance fitness classes for adults

RSB Dance has launched a new dance fitness program in Reigate, focusing on working on all aspects of fitness and aerobic exercises through dance.

adult dance reigate and redhill

While increasing you're general fitness, a full body workout can be achieved while learning a variety of dance styles. We listened to a few of our mothers who were after a fitness class which not only increased their aerobic fitness, but also learning specific dance moves. RSB has started this program to address the growing number of people who like to be motivated while getting fit, and many adults have mentioned that our class fitted the bill perfectly - a little bit of "ME TIME"

Dance-EX (short for dance exercise), focuses on a variety of dance routines, and over the next few months, our adults will become fitter while enjoying themselves and learning new choreography - both physical AND mental exercise. Our program will cover a wide variety of dance styles so that adults won't get bored of the same dance genre week in week out. So over the next few months, we are looking into covering many styles from musical theatre, 70s disco, street, line dancing and other styles, both contemporary and traditional. By revolving the dance styles it maintains interest throughout - some dance styles may exercise certain parts of the body more than others, so there is something for everyone.

Our launch on Tuesday this month was a huge success, and we hope to continue the class after half term. We aim to tailor the needs of our particular group of adults, giving them a more bespoke experience.

Our dance-EX class is taught by Kelly, who has just finished performing in the West End production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and teaches some of our Modern and Musical Theatre classes during the week. This class is for both beginners and advanced alike.

We also have 2 adult ballet classes (beginners and intermediate) and piloxing classes are also available for even more cardio and muscle-toning exercise. See our Adult Dance page for more details.

So why compromise enjoyment while getting fit? Come and try out our DANCE-EX class. Your deserve some....

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