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Reigate Dance and Football - a match made in heaven!

Calling all footballing enthusiasts in Reigate & Redhill. Do you want to improve your football skills, namely heading the ball 100%? Well, learning to dance may not be the first thing that crops into your mind, in particular ballet. But parallels have been drawn between the two skills - the ability to be able to hover in mid-air! My son switched off when I tried to explain this, but I persevered.

Ok, before all you football enthusiasts switch off here, learning to head the ball is one of the prime elements of the game, and timing and strength is vital to get this right (strength to be able to get inbetween players).

Strength is vital to give the illusion of floating. When a dancer attempts a 'Grande Jete" they raise above the floor with legs split 180 degrees, the dancer at the highest point of the jump raises their arms above his/her head. The body will continue to move forward but as a spectator, we focus on the torso and the head, which appear to float depsite gravity bringing you down. I tried to demonstate this to my son, but (as a musician and definately a non-dancer) pulled a muscle, much to my son's amusement. I hastened to add he then had to listen - the price of education!

The same happens with a footballer (apart from the 180 degree splits!). When they jump, they often do so with a short run up to the area. When the jump, we focus on the footballer's head, and although their movement displays an arch from the moment they leave the ground to the moment they fall, by focusing on the head, the illusion of loating is created and they seem to hang "forever".

I'm a much better footballer than a ballet dancer ( I leave that to my wife). But the two disciplines (although poles apart), demonstrate gracefulness.......until the pies have sold on at half time!

To read more about this science and watch a demo video, follow the link below:

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