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Dance school charity PUPDATE 3

Our puppies have grown! The Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance sponsored two guide dog puppies last year, from some of the proceeds of their last major show. Both Ava and Yazmin are developing well. Here is our pupdate so far:


Ava is now starting her proper guide dog training with her trainer Georgina at the Redbridge training centre. Ava has matured quite a bit, but trainer Georgina says that Ava still has a tendency to jump on people when greeted - she's probably just glad to see them. Her favourite toys tend to be anything squeeky!

As Ava is half labrador, half poodle (a 'labradoodle'), she is slightly smaller than most of the dogs at the training centre. However, this won't matter one bit, and she is progressing well with her training.


Yazmin is our black pup, although she looks a lot bigger now compared with our last pupdate! Apparently, Yazmin is not quite ready for the training centre yet, and is still being trained by Jim - puppy training. She has oodles of enthusiasm and her favourite toy is a cuddly duck! Her puppy training involves going up and down stairs and lifts, and she has recently mastered travelling on escalators - no problems whatsoever.

Yazmin is known to be a charmer at charity events, and gets much support when she looks in an inviting way to all customers.


The RSB Dancing Schools - Reigate School of Ballet, RSB Dance and Starlight Performing Arts were keen to donate money last year to another worthy cause. The Guide Dogs Association do a wonderful service and heavily rely on sponsors to train these animals properly. Having donated to many children's charities over the years, and many park playground equipment, the RSB group really loved the idea of donating to this charity - and the fact they are so cute makes it even easier!

next pupdate - October

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