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Reigate's Specialist Ballet Classes for Children

Ballet lessons reigate

Ballet has always been a huge part of Reigate for many years. The Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance has been teaching ballet to children and adults for over 52 years, and is by far the most established dance school in the area.

Like classical music, it is a dance style that requires much patience and determination from the learner, as well as specialist teachers to teach and deliver in a fun but careful manner. This is especially true for younger age-groups and older pupils going for their advanced levels, where well-qualified and experience teachers are needed.

Why Ballet?

Ballet offers grace, poise and strength to a dancer, and most professional dancers have studied ballet for many years to help them gain the required agility and core strength needed for other dance forms. For children, it offers a great way to learn a life skill, while giving them poise when they walk - especially important for taller girls and boys when they get older.

It also provides each child with a positive attitude to working hard. Please read out blog on...

Although the Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance teaches all dance forms, from the theatrical styles such as modern, tap and musical theatre, to the newer contemporary and street/hip-hp styles, ballet is the core dance style that many of our pupils strive to develop their skills further. We encourage our dancers to take ballet due to the benefits it offers at an early age and later, and also take other styles to open their horizons to a variety of genres and movements.


Since its beginnings over 52 years ago, the school has maintained the stance of being a well established pinnacle for teaching ballet. The founder of the school, Shirley Knight was an ex-professional ballerina who danced alongside the world famous Margot Fonteyn at the Royal Ballet School in Richmond-Upon Thames (who's statue stands proud in Reigate).

Miss Joanne Evans took over from Mrs Knight years later, and the school continues to have a Principal who was trained at the very same school as Shirley Knight and Margot Fonteyn, to maintain the high standards of this core discipline. Miss Evans is also an I.S.T.D. ballet examiner, which is a great asset to the preparation of the children at her school.

Ballet pointe classes reigate


Classes cost £55.50 per term.


Our classes are held in a variety of halls around Reigate, Redhill and Dorking. It is probably best to email or phone us on 01737 247795 so that we can advise you on the best class and venue for your child.


We start teaching ballet from 18 months old, but the core disciplines are taught from age 3 upwards, all the way to advanced level and adults.


As our timetable is vast, we have ballet classes EVERY DAY, so please contact us so that we can advise on location, time and suitable classes for your child. As we have the most ballet classes on offer each week, you will have a choice of days on offer for most children.

So, if you think your child would like to start ballet, we can offer 3 FREE TRIAL CLASSES as standard to allow plenty of time for you and your child to settle and ensure everyone is happy before any commitment is made. We are a friendly school, so please call us.

We look forward to speaking with you

Joanne Evans

lyrical ballet reigate

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