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NEW Toddler Boogie Dance classes in Reigate and Redhill

The Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance with RSB Dance, are starting an alternative dance style classes for pre-school children called STARLIGHT TOTS. While our toddler ballet classes offer the ideal fun and structured start to dance, this class offers more freestyle dance styles to all types of funky music. Ideally, a great combo would be to do both, as they offer many advantages to toddlers in their development at this early age.

So why do dance lessons help a child's development?

Ok, so not all kids who take dance classes will be the next Margot Fonteyn, but learning dance at an early age is beneficial in so many different ways, which will benefit them in later life, whatever path they choose.

1. Dance introduces children to music in a different way. Many children find it hard to 'feel' the beat in music at an early age - Gareth (my husband) can acknowledge this as he teaches music to all ages. Through dance, the body reacts to music, and through subtle teaching and lots of fun and imagination, children not only begin to feel this beat (or pulse as it is often called), but also appreciate music in an alternative way via movement.

2. Dance brings out creative thinking, especially when they see different body movements being interpreted by their dance teachers.

3. Confidence through participation in groups - it naturally brings out children's self esteem and lets them experiment in ways they would not usually. With good leadership, they become confident through these fun activities. It especially brings out naturally shy children into the foreground, and they excel in this creative environment also.

4. Learning the value of discipline, commitment and working hard. This is true from this early age to adulthood, and really helps them settle early in new environments along with point no. 3

5. Through music and movement, co-ordination is developed from an early age, where children learn to move muscles in a certain music. This develops both sides of the brain which has been proven to enhance a child's academic performance. Again, Gareth agrees with this, as he always mentions the difference between those who have had music and movement experiences at an early age, tend to me more coordinated, responsive and receptive.

6. Fitness - an obvious one.

7. Group skills - a life skill in itself, which many adult sometimes find difficult. Children learn to cooperate with others, patience through sharing attention, and make good friends

These are not just words on a page. They are proven beyond all doubt that dance at an early age benefits your child.


All other dance classes for all ages can be seen our our websites.

So try something new and see your child develop through the imagination of dance. We offer 3 FREE TRIAL CLASSES so that you can find the class to suit you and your child's needs.

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