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Princess Dance Parties in Reigate

A Christmas Memory....

Over 85 lovely children joined us for our Christmas Party in Alma Road in Reigate this year. The theme this year was "Princess", so all our little ones had an excuse to dress up as their favourite princess characters, and the really went to town!

Thankyou to all mums and dads who brought them and prepared them for the party. Hats off to you all! Most of our teachers were on hand to ensure everyone had a wonderful time. So many Princesses brought so much gorgeousness to one room along with all the teachers and students helpers.

In detail....

We started the groups with Christmas movements such as our reindeer galops and trots, cheeky elves helping Santa and decorating Christmas trees. Then followed some party dances led by Miss Rachael (who conducts most of our external party bookings), and by the time they finished they were hungry and ready to drink! The food laid out was devoured in a flash, and the children soon got on with the quieter arts and crafts course, making fabulous crowns and tiara's, with lots of sparkles, jewels (real of course), and gems to decorate.

These were then taken home along with some sweets. The children showed off their creations for everyone to appreciate all the beautiful sparkly dresses, tiaras, wigs and shoes. The day finished with some fantastic and enthusiastic dancing that the children wanted to show us.

Party and action songs and dances were very popular and a party wouldn't be complete without the famous Hokey Cokey. Two and a half hours flew past very quickly but we didn't even notice as we were all having so much fun!

Do look at all the photo's to capture a glimpse of our wonderful afternoon. We will look forward to doing it all again next year even bigger!

What a brilliant way to start the Christmas holidays!



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