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Reigate Ballet trained Zoe, dancing with Penguins!

Ex - Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance pupil Zoe Case Green, is back on her professional tour with Costa Cruise Ships, touring the Arctic, lucky girl! Here she is posing alongside the penguin audience. Zoe finished studying dance at the Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance a few years ago and went on to study at a further Dance and Ballet College in Scotland.

Zoe passed her Intermediate Ballet examination at the Reigate School of Ballet and her Advanced examination later, before embarking on a professional dance career. Zoe comes back to see us inbetween jobs when she can, and has helped out on numerous occasions with assisting in many of our ballet and dance classes. She even came during our ABC Dance Classes video shoot, where many of the small toddlers were inspired by her athleticism and grace.

She then started to make a showreel of her dancing to show off her skills - a kind of CV on video. This was necessary for her professional career, and her photography skills were also helpful here - an artist in more ways than one!

Zoe's showreel:

Zoe's training at RSB hopefully gave her the confidence and skills to further her career.

The ballet training gave her an essential technique needed for the stage so that she could develop into other styles - the all-round training needed for commercial work.

Zoe again rehearsing on stage for one of the cruise dance shows.

Zoe is now enjoying the benefits of an all-round dance training while performing all across the world. This will no doubt give her enormous confidence and professional experiences, while experiencing the world herself.

We always welcome all our ex-pupils back to RSB and many stay in contact with us - it is always lovely to hear from you all!

In the meantime, we wish Zoe well with her career, and hopefully catch up with her at a later stage - watch this space. ENJOY THE WORLD!

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