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Strictly Ballet in Reigate

Are you watching Strictly this year? What about the gorgeous costumes!

Although we have a huge allegiance with Pasha (with children from the Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance having danced with him last year in Reigate / Redhill), we are "looooving" Jay and Helen this year.

Darcy, having been a Prima ballerina with the Royal Ballet Company, brings her huge expertise to the judging panel. She truly understands the importance of a basic fundamental training in ballet, with the majority of the the professional dancers having studied ballet in their younger days. Even some the ballroom steps have balletic names, e.g. "pas de bouree".

In the ballroom section, the hold, the shape, the line of the body, head and arms have a huge connection to the balletic style. Darcy (and Craig) often refer to the stretch in the leg and foot, and extension through the arm lines right through to the fingertips. The breath control improves the artistic qualities of the movement, giving depth and breadth to the dancer. The speed and precision of the footwork is key in both ballet and ballroom, giving light and shade to the steps. All these qualities are taught in ballet.

Properly trained dancers can easily spot basic flaws, e.g. feet

  • The BAD foot is sickled (the toes are in front of the ankle and heel

  • The GOOD foot is straight and in line with the leg

Although younger children can be drawn to the glamour of the show, we must not forget how much hard work goes into producing the show each week. The celebrities and professional dancers will spend hours in the rehearsal studio each week. However, some celebrities who shine on technical and performance merit have received dance training at a younger age - the judges mentioned they had not experienced that level of technical ability for a long time.

The years of training now give these guys the advantage to making their performances "look" effortless, gracious and fluid.

Keeeeeeeeeep Dancing (and with a strong ballet training you will be well on your way)!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 21, 2021

Thank you for taking the time to share this with us

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