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Reigate's Sing, Dance & Act Musical Theatre Academy

Starlight Performing Arts is an established Performing Arts course for children aged between 4 to 16, where children learn to dance, act and sing, taught by an experienced team of West End professionals.

Having finished their first major Starlight only show, we reflect on the sheer amount of opportunities that our Starlight children are given.

Starlight brings together the three major elements of performing - singing, drama and dance, but we have a major difference in our ethos that every child can achieve and believe in themselves from an early age, so that they take these skills forward and essentially become confident individuals in life, whether they eventually go for a stage career or not. We instill a good work ethic into every child, so that they reach their own potential.

As Starlight is associated with the Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance (one of the most influential dance schools in the south east and a 2018 UK 'Dance School of the Year' winner), we offer so many more opportunities to compliment and enhance their musical theatre training.

So why has Starlight become the most popular Musical Theatre course in Reigate?


We do not rest on our past achievements! Starlight pupils are taught the grounding of performing in class by a team of experienced teachers with a proven track record, not only in performing themselves but also as teachers. We offer a wealth of performing opportunities both locally in Reigate, Redhill and London, to put the training into action.

2) FUN

Of course, children need to enjoy what they do, but they also enjoy being challenged providing it is in a nurturing and supportive environment. Giving them appropriate material for their ages (quite often the juniors and seniors cover different musicals) and stimulating alternative interpretations of how characters can be depicted, our children mature and learn through enjoyment!


Starlight have studied songs and routines from a huge range of musicals, both current and traditional, and we believe there is something to learn from a diverse training. The wealth of acting, dancing and singing styles needed to perform musicals from differing decades is so important for the development of children now, and we often delight what they can bring to the table in their interpretations within these styles. Past projects include Singing in the Rain, Wiz, Mary Poppins, Wizard of Oz / Wicked, Sweeney Todd, Oliver, Hamilton, Six, Les Miserables, Cats and Old Time Musical Hall.


We don't try to pretend that our 1 course will guarantee success in the industry - if any musical theatre course says will offer complete training then don't believe them!

If any child is interested in pursuing a musical theatre career or similar, they will need additional dance (and possibly individual vocal training). Starlight is an affordable course which allows children to take other dance / performance training as well as the Starlight grounding - at £105 for 2 hours a week (or 3 hours a week for older children), this makes our course one of the cheapest in the area - we have proven that lower prices bring great results.


We like to show our pieces off to our parents and other audiences. For those who attend Starlight and other dance classes with RSB, our children have performed in:

i) Starlight Show - H CLUB 6 (Harlequin Theatre)

ii) RH Fringe (Harlequin Theatre)

iii) Mini Show (Harlequin Theatre)

iv) VE Celebrations (Belfry Redhill)

iv) Royal Albert Hall (London)

v) Her Majesty's Theatre (London)

Finally, we endeavour to challenge the children and offer them stimulating dance routines (offered by two of our ex West End professional dancers), which sets us apart from the competition.

We love working with young talent.

For more information on our courses - Starlight MAIN COURSE (ages 4 - 16) and our Starlight Tots (pre-school), click here.

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