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Dance, Drama, Singing classes in Reigate

Starlight Performing Arts provides fun yet professional musical theatre classes in dance, singing, acting and drama in Reigate for children aged 4 - 17. Led by a team of ex-West End professionals and highly trained dance teachers from the Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance, our all singing, dancing classes have six age-specific groups.

Some of our children attend Starlight as well as a multitude of other dance and private singing classes, while others attend Starlight only. We keep the costs down so that children (if they wish) can diversify and have additional classes with us (e.g. ballet/modern, street dance....) per week to improve their technique.

Starlight is a family. Groups are age specific (usually only the equivalent of 2 school form group ages together in the same class), which means teachers can teach specific skills that are appropriate for the ages. There are times that differing ages come together in songs that require younger children alongside older teenagers.

Our choreography is fresh, and children tend to stay with us for years (some as long as 12 years), which is a testament of our work.

Our course runs on Saturdays at the Reigate Community Centre, and we usually have a waiting list for most groups:

9.00 - 11.00am: Ages 4 - 11 (juniors) - Groups 1, 2, 3 & 4

9.00 - 12.00: Ages 12 - 17 (seniors) - Groups 5 & 6

Prices are £110 per term regardless of your age.

To find out more, please see our Musical Theatre page on our website.

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