Surrey Dance School dances with Pasha, AGAIN!

Reigate School of Dance in Surrey are rehearing for Pasha Kovalev's UK tour, starting in Redhill - for the 3rd year. For many of our children, this WILL be the 3rd time they have participated alongside the professional dancer from Strictly Come Dancing, and every year is special.

As a dance school, we have 2 dances to choreograph - one of them choreographed by Pasha himself while the other piece is choreographed by the Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance. Miss Evans, Miss Benjamin and Miss Rosie have all contributed in teaching both girls and boys the routines during Saturday rehearsals, and from the footage, they all seem to be enjoying it!

The dances and music are a real mix of styles which opens a whole new fusion element to the choreography, with strong balletic and street themes, and some elements of contemporary and musical theatre also. This keeps the piece fresh throughout and many of the pupils chosen train in these dance disciplines every week at RSB.

Our association with Pasha has been a welcoming addition to the RSB performing calendar. His production team have trusted our school to start these tours with flair and professionalism. As this particular performance is considered "professional" by the team, we ensure all our energy is dedicated to the projects every year. Last year, we had a photo shoot with Pasha himself which was memorable, and we relish every opportunity given to us.

With only 1 single rehearsal left, every year is a challenge to learn the routines in time as we only get the music in January. And as we are the first to perform the whole UK tour, RSB has the least amount of time to learn the dances - but fear not!


dance classes in reigate surrey

Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance 
20 Clarence Road, Redhill RH1 6NG

Images courtesy of Emma Benjamin, Gareth Jones RSB and © pic-unique, © Alex White, Konstantin Yuganov, tonisalado, martanfoto, Lorelyn Medina, Laurent Hamels, © BlueOrange Studio, Carlush, Hazel Barnes Photography, xavdip, Lorraine Swanson,Alexander Iakovlev, Lorelyn Medina © eranicle - Val Liza -

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