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Ballet at Reigate Rugby Club

Ballet at Reigate Rugby Club

The men at the Reigate Rugby Club were given some alternative workouts when they were asked to participate in a ballet stretching class, and Miss Evans jumped at the chance to deliver (naturally). Apparently a few Rugby clubs use ballet as part of their routine stretches, to increase the players' flexibility.

The Australian Rugby team regularly use ballet as a form of stretching and limbering. The benefits of ballet in rugby include:

  • Speed and agility

  • Strength

  • Joint mobility

  • Improved balance

So, it was only inevitable that one of Reigate's rugby clubs and the town's leading dance school came together. According to Miss Evans, the men were very agile and the whole session was extremely enjoyable. A few had good turnout already and all of them benefited from the stretches Miss Evans gave them.

We did a ballet barre which included plies, battment tendus, fondus, grand battment, releves, rises, echappes, developpes and limbering. Centre work covered ports de bras, adage, pirrouettes, allegro and batterie. Following this, an intensive stretch and cool down.

Many sports have incorporated ballet into their training, including football - how footballers seem to stay up in the air before heading the ball is very similar to jumps found in ballet - much strength and lift is needed for both.

In the meantime Miss Evans' team of teachers are lining up for the return visit and perhaps the Rubby guys will train Miss Evans in the etiquette of rugby !!

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