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Holiday Dance Courses in Reigate

The Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance celebrated a very special summer school recently. After 25 years of organising summer schools and holiday courses, we decided to provide a bumper summer school session by organising two 3-day events - a total of 6 days!

holiday dance in Reigate

Last year we had a single 3-day summer school which was full, so we decided to offer a second summer school at the end of August. The courses can now take pupils from the ages of 3 to 11 years, in age-specific grouped activities.

Our first 3-day event went extremely well, with over 75 pupils attending our fun-packed activities. based around dance. Located at the Reigate Community Centre behind Morrisons in the centre of Reigate, we had space to expand, and we regularly use this hall for our weekly dance and performing arts classes during term time.

The children had 6 classes per day, consisting of dance routines in various genres of dance - ballet & contemporary (which involved choreography from the pupils), traditional country dancing, street / hip-hop, musical theatre (involving singing and dancing), drama and fitness games. Each genre was taught by a specialist dance teacher so that the children were offered a variety of teaching styles to develop their potential. On day three, we had arts and crafts, where the children made beautiful princess crowns, decorated with jewels (real ones !!) and stickers, and beaded necklesses finished off the theme. Here are three pupils showing off their craft session to the camera:

At the end of day 3, parents and family friends were invited to watch a half hour showcase of what the children had learned during their short time with their teachers. Well done to them all!

Many thanks to our senior helpers who assisted the younger children with the dancing and entertained them as well - thankyou to Clara, Rachael, Felicity, Isabelle and Megan.

We are now looking forward to our second 3-day summer school on the 22ns, 23rd and 24th August, where the children will learn different dance routines. We look forward to seeing all the children to this event, including some new faces.

Our second summer school is on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th August - we are near full capacity with this one also, so if your child would like to be entertained and learn new dances and make new friends towards the end of the holiday, book now by calling 01737 247795 .

For more details and booking form, click here for summer dance school courses

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