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RSB's commercial half term street & contemporary workshop - FAB!

The half term dance workshops went down a storm, with over fifty pupils keen pupils raring to go!

Based over at St Bedes Dance Studios in Redhill, we looked at introducing street dance, hip-hop and contemporary to our pupils - two very different styles, and both aiming to stretch our pupils in more ways than one.

The teachers worked the children well, and although they (the children) were tired at the end, the feedback was extremely positive. The juniors and seniors were in 2 different groups, and learnt a dance routine in each style, exploring the freedom of contemporary and the intensity of the commercial street dance.


Miss Benjamin took the contemporary workshop, and showed the vast possibilities that this dance has to offer. We also had a few new faces join us, and they looked extremely pleased with themselves at the end. The pupils were shown different ways of moving their bodies to music, and these movements were then extended to working in pairs, which they really enjoyed.

Although contemporary dance is a mature form of dance, it offers much for the younger children also. Primarily, it opens their eyes to choreography and becoming creative with their bodies to music. Many of the children do study other dance forms with us, and contemporary draws upon many of these styles and opens them up to produce a unique movement.

Well done to all the pupils - Miss Benjamin was extremely proud of all the children, and the way they embraced the style.

To find out more about contemporary dance, please see our blog CONTEMPORARY DANCE REIGATE

Contemporary classes at RSB

  • Junior CONTEMPORARY (approx. ages 8-10)

(Wednesdays) Colman Redland Centre, Reigate: 5.10 - 5.50pm

  • Senior CONTEMPORARY (approx. ages 11+)

(Tuesdays) St Marks Hall, Alma Rd. Reigate: 6.05 - 6.50pm

(Wednesdays) St Marks Hall, Alma Rd. Reigate: 6.55 - 7.40pm


Our street and hip-hop workshop with our in-house street performer, Freya, was intense and exciting. The children were taught a short dance with much attention to detail. The children really enjoyed the sharp and quick movements with both legs and arms to compliment the music, and all really enjoyed a taste of real commercial street alongside an experienced streetdance performer. Freya performs in huge world-renowned festivals with her group 'Boadicea' including the iTunes festival and the Coca-Cola festivals yearly. She has also toured 3 times on Diversity's Uk tours.

This is as commercial as it gets!

To find out more about our street classes, and watch a short montage video of the workshop and the classes on offer, please visit our street and hip-hop Reigate classes page.

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