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Watching Week - Reigate School of Ballet

....only a few of our classes posing for a photo. All photos coming in can be seen on our facebook pages (no need to be a facebooker in order to see the images in full and read our week by week news - please click here to read

Watching week is in full swing! Many of the children came in christmas themed clothes and enjoyed the chance to perform in front of their parents. All performances are extremely useful to the children, no matter how small or intimate the venue. A great deal of parents managed to watch this term, which is great for the children to experience. It finishes on Saturday this week, so parents, if you can make it, please come along - we'd love to meet you alll again. It also gives you a chance to see what we've been doing in class and meet everyone.

All our classes at RSB Dance and Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance have a watching week, from our young petite ballerinas all the way through to our advanced seniors in ballet, contemporary, body conditioning / limbering, tap, modern, street dance and musical theatre. Everyone is welcome to come along.

Have a good Christmas everyone and see you all in the new year. Up and coming events include:

Dorking Halls performances (Christmas time)

Reigate Christmas Lights (Chritsmas time)

Royal Albert Hall performance

Summer concert at the Harlequin (dates to be confirmed)

Joanne Evans

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