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Reigate / Redhill Dance Class Exercises - PART 2

PART 2 – Ankle and Calf Strengthening

The Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance knows the importance of strong legs and feet for the overall and complete dancer. The school has been teaching ballet to all age groups for over 52 years in the Reigate and Redhill area. Ballet training provides overall strength in the body but like all forms of exercise, you get stronger and achieve better results if you can do any safe and additional exercises at home. Like learning an instrument, strength will improve if additional exercises can be done at home. It all starts from the feet upwards!

Which is why we have started this series of short yet invaluable exercise blog series you can do at home (with no equipment necessary). We know they are not exciting! So, we recommend listening to some of your own music while doing these exercises to keep your mind active, while at the same time concentrating on the activity. Doing them on a little but often basis will slowly improve your muscle strength.

We check the videos we put on and ensure they are correct for our children’s age group.


PART 1 of the series looked at feet stretching and strengthening.

To see and read about this click here

PART 2 Ankle and Calf strengthening (suitable for ages 11 and upwards) This video is around 14 minutes long and the workout should be done while the video playing. It consists of a lot of releves and calf raises.These exercises are NOT exciting, so we recommend you listen to your own music while doing them. Although tedious, they are the best way to toning your calves, so take them seriously – they are the most basic and one of the most used movements in ballet!


  • it is vitally important that the CORE ABDOMINAL MUSCALES ARE HELD with no tension in the upper body. This will ensure that the hips are not aiding the action of the rise and releves, thus cancelling out the hard work. In other words, your whole posture should be held, and your back completely straight but relaxed when going up and down on your feet.

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