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Reigate School of Ballet's Mascot - introducing Sparkle Bear!

Sparkle, our lovely official mascot bear, will be busy travelling with one lucky child each week and she will report back to RSB head office with hopefully some pictures of her adventures.

We are introducing "SPARKLE" - the Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance's official bear, will be given to one child per week to take home. Hopefully Sparkle can share in one activity with the child at home or go on a special visit to specific places - the shops, a trip to the park, a concert or an activity. As a parent, if you could take some 2 or 3 images of Sparkle doing the activity (either with or without your child) and send it to us via email, we will then post Sparkle's journey diary every week with parents photos and events to our News and social media pages.

Sparkle will be introduced to so many activities, she's rearing to go!

All we ask is that you look after Sparkle while at home and only use her for the activity or event. She will be too weary to play with each child every week. Also please keep her from pets and keep her clean - she's allergic to dust!

Once a child has taken Sparkle home, return her to the dance class the folloiwng week and we will then give it to the next child in the class.

Sparkle's journeys so far....

She has already had some exciting times with Miss Benjamin and soon the children will be sharing their adventures with Sparkle and sharing their times together.

Here are some of Sparkle's first adventures:

SPARKLE dining at Pistachio's Reigate

How Posh! Sparkle enjoyed herself at Pistachio's last week!

Really enjoyed the cake and showing off her brand new outfit.

"Key Pointes" - SPARKLE playing the piano

Sparkle was playing the piano this week on Pointe!

Mr Jones (one of the Starlight Musical Theatre teachers), needed to make sure Sparkle's feet were clean as he's quite precious about his piano!

Bear train tickets not available!

Sparkle was a little confused that bears were not mentioned on the ticket machine!

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