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Reigate & Redhill Dance Class Exercises - Part 1

dance exercise classes reigate

Like any athlete, dancers need to have an extremely fit and mobile body if they are to perform at their best. The strength needed in the feet and ankles alone is immense, especially when pupils begin going on pointe. A strong core will give stability to the dance movements.

ballet exercises reigate

At the RSB Dance and the Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure all pupils have the necessary strength before embarking on these exercises. We know all too well, that introducing pointeworke too early can damage a pupil’s ankles and feet. The above picture is one of our body conditioning classes at work – those who attend see the benefits improve their dancing, whatever dance class style or styles they attend. It also increases stamina, muscle-tone and is an excellent cardiovascular workout. We suggest senior pupils participate in these classes. You can also improve certain muscles at home, which alongside our fitness body conditioning and limbering classes, will REALLY improve your dance physique.

We are going to begin a new series showing how you can complement the work done in class, with exercises that can easily be done at home. In this series, we will explore how to stretch stengthen the body and legs, improve flexibility and feet exercises.

PART 1 – FEET STRETCHING and STRENGTHENING TO be a dancer, you need strong legs, ankles and feet. There are many exercises on Youtube, although some are not suitable for younger age ranges or are simply not the correct way. We have hand picked these exercises as being suitable and safe exercises for pupils. If you follow these exercises on a regular basis (even if you don’t do ballet), your feet and ankles will most definitely be better prepared.

This video is around 8 minutes in length, so do the exercises while watching the extract.

We believe these exercises are suitable for all secondary school pupils UNLESS YOU HAVE A FOOT CONDITION OR INJURY. If in doubt, please email Miss Evansemail

Do these exercises regulary and see the results over a few weeks - THEY DO WORK!

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