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Adult dance classes extremely beneficial in Reigate

A BBC programme viewed last week - The truth about .....Getting Fit" revealed that Dance classes for adults proved to be the most complete beneficial form of exercise according to tests. Dance not only exercises the body aerobically, but just as importantly exercises the brain.

The programme was justifying how adults can get fitter without go to the gym for overall fitness, such as walking and even doing just 10 minutes at home doing star jumps and simple movements.

The presenter Michael Mosley, revealed that great improvements can be done through high intensity exercises over short periods of time. And instead of the 10,000 steps a day through walking, which for some of us stuck behind a desk all day means jogging on the spot while preparing dinner, short 10 minute "BRISK" walks 3 times a day is far more manageable and will see more results.

However, all these tasks and gym exercises do not require brain power, and this is hugely underestimated. Our brains need the exercise just as much as our bodies now, but exercised in a fun and alternative way to how we use it for work.

The programme showed dance classes is "unusually" beneficial to the wellbeing of adults, whether you are 22 or 102. The brain needs to cognitively think about keeping in time with the music while learning a sequence of routines. And when you've mastered that, performing it in a way that looks like artistry, not staring into space thinking about the next move. Dance provides a whole body health check, and furthermore its fun, sociable and infectious. The benefits to the brain are incredible and I began to see that my sequencing wasn't quite up to scratch. I was trying to learn the sequence os steps and arm movements for the Mary Poppins song - "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" - blimey it's quick! However, after half an hour of doing this in front of the kitchen mirror, it began to flow, and I realised that the more I do this, the brain department will be kept active!!!

The programme even went as far as saying that Dance may be the most beneficial form of exercises for adults. So, if you haven't tried any dance, we offer the following adult dance classes / fitness classes with music. Give yourself a little "ME" time. With brisk walking and a few of the home exercises mentioned in the programme, a dance class per week amy be all you need to get fitter on the inside and out.

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