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Reigate School of Ballet's Singing Baby

Reigate Singing Baby

We've all seen her on TV, and her infectious smile resonates to all. Britton, who lives in Reigate Rd. Hookwood, is the bright star of the new AA television commercial, and the Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance is extremely proud of her. She attends the dance school's Sparkle Ballet classes every week, and her teacher Miss Evans only found out recently after mentioning to mum that Britton looks remarkably like the child in the advert.

Mum mentions that it was dad who got the reactions out of her on the day of filming, as mum was busy looking after her newborn twin babies. Dad took her to the film locations in London and Godstone, and basically messed around and pulled faces outside the car window during filming and Britton reacted with great enthusiasm - the pointing, laughing and reactions were down to dad. She loved every minute of it!

The track Britton sings to a Tina Turner track, and it is Britton's own voice in the "Yeah's" and "Woo Hoo's" - as mum explained, it is Britton being herself.

Miss Evans is delighted with Britton's recent fame, and she laughed at the fact that Britton's favourite game is pointing out all the billboards with the AA poster advert around Reigate and Redhill.

The Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance are specialists in early dance training. One of their main aims for young children is getting them to animate at an early age, which later brings personality into their dancing when the grow up.

For now we can continue to enjoy this infectious advert, but be aware - Britton is no one-hit wonder. During the 4 days of filming the actually shot a second follow on ad, which will be aired in the near future. Can't wait to see her, and a huge well done to her and her family!

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