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FREE Musical Theatre classes in Reigate for 1/2 term

The Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance and RSB Dance are now moving their Starlight musical theatre short course to a Thursday at 4.15 - 5.00pm. This is an ideal starting course for younger children to begin learning to sing, act and dance, led by a West End performer.

And we are offering half a term of musical theatre lessons absolutely FREE!*

Our ever-popular Saturday FULL COURSE will now have a new course to filter in younger age groups. It is an ideal starter course (45 minutes), before children then embark on our full (2 hour) course on Saturday mornings. However, the same level of tuition from our expert West End performers (as well as experienced teachers) teach this course also.

Designed for all abilities and levels of confidence, our short course is the perfect start for young children to begin singing and moving at the same time with some character acting. This SHORT COURSE will help bring out the confidence in shy pupils, while embracing those who may have much confidence already.

Our short course is now moving to the new time of 4.15 - 5.00pm on THURSDAYS from the summer term onwards, and will naturally feed our larger 4 class / group two-hour full course on Saturday mornings.

What our short course covers:

  • SINGING - the basics of singing, breathing, vocal warm-ups / games, and singing in character (using dynamics, posture, using our faces while singing in character, learning to look confident

  • DANCING - covering a variety of styles in the musical theatre genre, including modern dance styles, the importance of using the voice while moving, co-ordination,

  • ACTING - engaging with your audience using your face and eyes to maximum effect - expression, vocal tones, diction, confidence building for shy pupils

For more information, please contact Joanne Evans on 01737 247795 or email to book your place.

* Term 1 - £27.75 (HALF PRICE). Term 2, the price is the standard £55.50

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