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NEW Junior Contemporary classes in Reigate and Redhill

We are launching a brand new yontemporary dance class for Junior pupils to complement our two senior contemporary classes already in place.

Our contemporary classes have proved popular this year, so much so that we had to open a second senior class. We now see interest in younger pupils enjoying this style also. As a result, we are launching a brand new junior contemporary class for anyone in upper primary school age.

Contemporary dance is a mix of standard dance styles, combining jazz, modern and classical ballet. However, the dance style offers more freedom of expression and offers the chance to produce unique movements that compliment the accompanying music. The dictionary definition could be - "freedom of movement, which allows the body to express the performer's innermost feelings".

Pupils often enjoy making up their own moves through improvisation, and this style lends itself well to creative minds who want to express themselves through dance and music.

One of the big attractions of contemporary is the freedom of movement,technique and that it can be danced to nearly any style of music, which again makes it popular amongst young dancers.

What are the requirements to join our Junior Contemporary Dance Class?

You do not need to have danced before. Just come along with a desire to move and dance with some creative ideas and choreographic ideas.This class can be for all pupils, whether you're looking into extending your dance movement and technique, or want to interpret many different syles of physicality and music in a different and unique way. It's always best to try out our classes with the THREE FREE TRIALS AS STANDARD TO ALL NEW PUPILS AND CURRENT PUPILS to have the contemporary experience.

The class starts in SUMMER 2016.

For more information, please contact Miss Evans on 01737 247795, or email. Or to book your place - click here

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