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Singing, Acting, Dancing - Reigate THEATRE ARTS SHOW

The Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance, along with RSB Dance and Genesis Productions, created a unique concert to showcase the talents of their children, as well as the children from local primary schools in the first show of its kind at the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill. Both shows were performed back to back.

"CLASS ACT" was produced to bring in local talent from primary schools in Reigate and Redhill, and give Primary Schools an avenue to perform in a professional theatre. Not restricting the arts to dance alone, seven primary schools performed a variety of acts from choral pieces, musical theatre medley's, solos and all styles of dance styles. This celebration covered a more widespread performing arts line up, and we were extremely happy with the outcome!

The show was unique in that proceeds from the concert were given back to participating schools in order to help promote the arts within the curriculum. Budgets for artistic subjects and clubs can be tight in schools, which is why the 'Schools Initiative Theatre Arts Project' was devised. The Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance (along with RSB Dance) have been committed to promoting the arts in the area for over 50 years, believing that artistic subjects provide a real learning adventure for children. It also gives much confidence and maturity for participating pupils, and this can only be a good thing while they grow up.

The participating schools included:

  • St Matthews

  • St John's

  • Reigate Priory

  • Furzefield

  • St Catherine's

  • Reigate St Mary's

  • Holmesdale

The RSB dance schools will now offer a show EVERY year - those taking examinations will perform bi-annually as usual, concentrating on exam work in their non-show year, and our non-syllabus classes (contemporary, musical theatre, mini-street AND our new Junior and Senior Hip-Hop classes) will perform every year - the best of both worlds.

We would like to thank the following group of people for their dedication and hard work to the project:

1) all the Primary School teachers who work tirelessly to promote the arts, and for choosing to

participate in this new venture

2) the strong team of qualified chaperones and matrons who look after the children backstage

3) the RSB dance teachers

4) the parents who supported this project and came to see the performances

5) the Harlequin technical and front of house staff, who were as helpful and accommodating as


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