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Musical Theatre Recording session - Reigate

Our Starlight Musical Theatre groups enjoyed stardom in front of the microphones on Saturday. All four groups were given an opportunity to record their individual songs which was an experience for all concerned.

"We recorded all groups alongside the backing tracks so they can hear themselves and judge how they perform.... this appraising gives our pupils the opportunity to hear think about their vocal performances and appreciate the importance of performance techniques." Mr Jones, one of the Starlight p/t teachers explained that preping the pupils to sing for a unique performance session is an important part of the process, and stresses how important singing is within the 3 disciplines of dance, drama and singing.

The Starlight team are busy preparing for two public performances this term as well as an intimate performance in front of all the parents. Performance 1 is at the Reigate Christmas Fair on Saturday 5th December, and our bonus performance 2 is in Dorking Halls December10th with the Show Choir.

Miss Evans and her team continue to inspire the children and explains that ".....we were all very proud of their focus and tone on the day".

Starlight Performing Arts consists of four age defined groups and rehearse on Saturdays at the lovely Reigate Methodist Church hall (behind Morrisons) in Reigate. This term, the team are learning songs from the cult hit musical 'Return to the Forbidden Planet'.

Above, are our senior group 1 pupils singing Great Balls of Fire. Our other groups are listed below.

We didn't manage to get a picture of our group 2s. Sorry Guys! We'll make it up to you.

We have a lot to thank Miss Kelly Smith and our talented helpers who been coaching the singing this term. All groups are led by West End star Miss Kelly. Miss Evans and Miss Bond have also numerous West End musical performance experience. The music teaching is covered by two fully qualified and experienced music teachers.

The songs covered include - GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, MR SPACEMAN, SHAKE RATTLE and ROLL, and a featured dance number to WIPEOUT.

Great performance this week - looking forward to seeing the finished article! (Miss Evans)

Starlight Musical Theatre has two courses - one Full course on Saturdays and one shorter course on Wednesdays. For more details click here.

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