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Reigate School of Ballet and RSB Dance

The Reigate School of Ballet has launched a new website called RSB Dance has been created to cater for the commercial and theatrical dance disciplines that the Reigate School of Ballet offered.

Over 50 years ago, two main school existed - The Reigate School of Ballet (which offered Ballet only) and the Reigate School of Modern Theatre (which offered Modern, Tap and other theatrical dance disciplines). Both schools were run seperately, but the Principals from each school would work together on projects and essentially be the main dancing schools in Reigate.

Today, Miss Joanne Evans is the Principal of all the dance disciplines. Having trained at the Royal Ballet School, she then went to train at the London Studio Centre. With years of television, advertisements and West End theatrical performances to her name, the school (or schools) are in good hands.

Children benefit from being taught different dance styles within the same school, as the teachers can liaise with each other regarding technique and suitability. All our teachers from the Reigate School of Ballet and RSB Dance regularly meet every term to discuss our children's progress and plan ahead as a team. will run within the Reigate School of Ballet umberella, and will still have the one point of contact. This unifies the schools together, but having the 2 sites gives us the scope to show off what our pupils do.

The Reigate School of Ballet will still have links to all dance disciplines on its website, but these links will be highlighted on our RSB Dance website. All in all, along with our baby site - ABCdanceclassesreigate (which caters for all toddler dance), the schools now offer the full range of dance styles (like they did over 50 years ago but without websites to show the schools at their best).

We offer the following styles:

Ballet classes

Toddler Dance classes

Contemporary classes

Tap classes

Modern classes

Commercial Street classes

Musical Theatre classes

Body Con / Limbering classes

Adult Dance classes

Piloxing fitness classes

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