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Stocking Fillers - Reigate Xmas Dance Vouchers

Reigate Xmas Dance vouchers

Give your child the excitement of 2 free trials with the area's leading dance school, with one of our stocking filler dance vouchers.


Simply email us with...

  • child's name

  • age (from age 3 +)

  • style of dance they would like to try in January with us

We will then email you to confirm.

These A5 postcards are £2 to cover print and postage. No other cost is necessary. We will then send a postcard with your child's name on.

The postcard entitles your child to have 2 free trials in a dance style (or 1 trial each for two different dance styles - e.g. ballet & musical theatre).

These vouchers are only for new children joining RSB in January 2022.

With over 100 local classes per week in Reigate, Redhill & Merstham, we will have something your child would love from ballet, commercial street, modern jazz, tap, musical theatre or contemporary, whatever their age.

The Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance (RSB Dance School is the area's leading dance school with vast amounts of experience in teaching children from the ages of 18 months to 18 and beyond. With industry performers, West End teachers and ex-Royal Ballet trained individuals, we offer the perfect start for children to start, and have the necessary classes fro them to progress to when they get older.

Applications for postcards will close on 16th December to guarantee they are posted in time.

Email us now to receive a visual postcard for your child to open on Christmas Dance.

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