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Ballet team expands in Reigate

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Ballet teacher in Reigate

Miss Zoe will be joining the already strong teaching department at the Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance from the Summer term. Zoe, who was originally trained at RSB, has fond memories of her time at our dance school, and having gone on to further her balletic training at Ballet West, she went on to dance professionally non stop for several years.

In between her busy performing career, Zoe helped out at RSB Dance when she came home between contracts, and the children loved her manner and professionalism. She became involved with some of the teaching aspects, summer schools, and the older students loved her demonstrations.

Miss Evans, the Principal of the Reigate School of Ballet, is extremely happy to bring Zoe into the strong teachers, and with her vast balletic experience in the professional world, she will bring another dimension to the teaching team.

Zoe is a true ballet pedigree, and she will be looking forward to teaching at the school she grew up with.

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