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Drama and Singing classes in Reigate

The Reigate School of Dance offers drama classes and singing classes for small groups, and is beginning to roll out a plan to encourage everyone to singing and speak up on an idividual basis - an important skill for life as well as on the stage.

As part of Starlight Performing Arts, our popular and oversubscribed musical theatre courses are now beginning a new plan to encourage individual performance skills, and since it started last term, has proved extremely popular.

Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance provide group tuition in drama and singing, and helps our children feel happy, good about themselves, promoting good diction and projection while looking after your voice, through correct breathing and use of the diaphragm in your body.

Drama and Singing have always been popular activities for children, and most children enjoy one or the other (or both) in group activities. It promotes confidence, self esteem and a sense of achievement.

However, many find it difficult to sing or act on a solo basis. The feeling of self consciousness and a fear of what an audience will think are common factors, and they are not common to children alone. In fact most adults feel these anxities also. So how do we overcome this?

Firstly, lots of praise and being a part of a larger group begins the process of finding your own voice, through the odd solo dramatic line or singing as a choir. Secondly, being with a group of like-minded individuals is extremely important and further progresses confidence in a group.

So what are the benefits?

To hope my son/daughter will become a singing sensation one day?

Although we would like to think this may be possible, singing offers much happiness to the performer, whether you sing in the shower, in the garden or in front of people. It has been proven that singing reduces stress and depression, which is vital for today's society that strives to be the best at everything. Secondly, as we encourage our students to breath properly, and pronounce all words with excellent diction, your voice needs to be in top condition to be at its best, even after all the training, so looking after yourself is key to a good performance. Staying healthy is more important in singers than any other instrument.

SO if you enjoy singing and acting, then learning to move to music is the 3rd and final ingredient to perform musical theatre. By learning routines in class and then (and most importantly) performing the pieces to an intimate audience of parents, local audiences in Reigate and Redhill (this year the Reigate Christmas Lights and Redhill's Belfry), and larges stages in theatres both here and London, our children become confident and generally 'feel good' - ready for anything that life throws at you!

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