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Dance Classes for Beginners

Learning to dance should be a wonderful new experience for all beginners, whatever age you are. At Reigate School of Ballet & Commercial Dance, beginner dance and ballet classes are our speciality.

As with most activities, learning to dance for the first time is best done at a young age. Our toddler dance classes cover co-ordinated movement, interpreting music through mime and drama, and the first initial structured steps. Whether you choose ballet or otherwise, moving to music is great for the development of children as it incorporates so many skills in a fun environment - kids don't realise they're learning. Whether they choose ballet or our Boogie Guys 'n Gals classes, they are moving to music and interpreting the style through their body, gaining much experience in creativity through choreography in the early years.

If they learn to dance at a later stage, we have many that start at all ages in a child's life. From ages 5-7 and upwards, the choice of dance styles becomes greater. As we have so many classes to choose from, we don't put children of widely varying ages into the same class. Street dance, ballet modern and tap dance lessons can be taken, as well as combination classes involving dance, drama and singing such as our Starlight Musical Theatre classes.

Additionally from ages 8 and above, Contemporary and more industrial Street Dance and Hip-Hop classes are available, and all have beginner classes. It can be difficult for teens to begin learning to dance as many pupils around them may have had years of training. Ballet is difficult for older pupils but not impossible - we even have beginner ballet classes for adults also. Street and Tap can be taken at beginner levels, and our teachers are extremely proficient in nurturing pupils at all ages into established classes as well as the classes for all beginners.

See what we can offer you and contact us with any enquiries. We offer 3 free trial classes as standard in all of our classes (apart from babyballet lessons), so there is no financial commitment to try.

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