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Reigate Ballet pupil accepted into Central School of Ballet Junior Associates

A huge congratulations to our Reigate School of Ballet's Millie Thompson, who successfully auditioned for a place at the Central School of Ballet Junior Associate Programme.

Reigate Ballet Central School Associate

The Central School of Ballet is one of the leading ballet schools in the country, and has over 100 students attend the full-time course. The establishment is renowned for preparing all who study there for a classical ballet career.

The Junior Associate programme is offered to younger pupils who show much potential in ballet. With auditions every year, only a few talented pupils are accepted on the course, so we are extremely pleased with Millie's achievements.

Both Miss Evans (the Reigate School of Ballet and Commercial Dance's Principal) and Miss Benjamin have been teaching Millie for many years, and her hard work and talent has finally paid off.

The Central School of Ballet's ethos is to maintain a high calibre of ballet training with emphasis on technique while maintaining an "open community ethos".

Millie will continue to have her weekly dance lessons at Reigate School of Ballet, and on the weekend she will travel to London each week to follow Central own's intensive curriculum.

Miss Evans from RSB comments: "Our school is very proud of Millie's achievements, and her hard work ethic has made her strong and determined". The School prides itself on offering this beautiful dance form to all pupils of all abilities from a very early age. It offers so much more than maintaining good posture, poise, grace and elegance to all who dance. It also enhances the ethic of working hard to achieve a particular goal - everyone's goals will be different depending on their abilities. RSB offer ballet from the age of 18 months to senior level, and many of our pupils go all the way through to this higher Intermediate and Advanced level.

With Ballet being one of the dance school's specialities, it is nice to see our pupils succeed in their own way, whether it may be going on pointe for the first time, complete a series of steps, or gain a place at a prestigious external vocational dance school.

To find out more about the Central School of Ballet, please follow the link below:

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